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About Us

Who we are

We are a company that is passionate about equipping 3,000,000 young people with the digital skillsets needed in the 21st Century to earn a decent income. We believe that given that Uganda has the youngest population in the world today and the youth are the majority, training them on how they could earn a decent income online will increase the middle class in the country.


Our main objectives are to increase awareness about digital work in Uganda; Provide the much-needed learning space and mentorship to young people about digital work; Provide Ugandans with access to digital work and build Uganda to be the hub of skilled Online Workers.

Access to real Online work

In the ”new normal” there has been an increased demand for Online workers. Brommick Digital has positioned itself in being the anchor in making Uganda the number choice for global companies.

Digital skills and Knowledge

For the available skills demanding online jobs.


Boosting Ugandans’ belief and trust in the power of Online work.